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Collection: Catholic Schools Week

Remember how many kids go through Catholic universities and are changed in their deepest beings. We do not convert them to Catholicism so much as they see Catholicism at work in hearts and heads and hands; that is the greatness of the Catholic university, and the brilliance of the subtlety in faith formation. We present the unreasonable, show it in action every hour of every day, leave our students to gape in amazement, and prompt them to wonder how they can bring their gifts to bear...
// Brian Doyle⁣

We love our Catholic education and Thorny Grace wouldn't exist had we not had such a strong foundation and faithful influences in our lives. We are thankful for the teachers, priests, and friends we met through our Catholic schooling and especially thankful to our parents for making the decision to send us to Catholic schools. We want to really CELEBRATE Catholic schools this year and hope you'll join us.
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